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The Malaria Research Group was established in 2000 in the Biotechnology Department of the Pasteur Institute of Iran and then as an independent department entitled "Malaria and Vector Research Group (MVRG)" in the Biotechnology Research Center in 2007. Since one of the general missions of Pasteur Institute of Iran is to control and monitor infectious diseases through prevention and treatment, so that the purpose of MVRG is to fight malaria and other vector-borne diseases inside Iran, the Eastern Mediterranean region and the world, relying on practical research and development and in line with the strategies recommended by the World Health Organization. This objective is achieved through research in various fields of bioinformatics, immunomonformatics, genomics and proteomics, which includes research and development of anti-malarial vaccine, design and development of antimalarial drug, diagnosis of plasmodium parasite and its vector, monitoring drug resistance and insecticide resistance via novel techniques, interaction of the parasite with the host and the use of transgenic and paratransgenic techniques. On the other hand, the use of insects and their products in natural and recombinant form with the aim of treatment and improving the health of the community, is considered as an another important objective followed by MVRG. Cooperation with the National Program for the Control and Elimination of Malaria, the World Health Organization, universities and research centers inside and outside the country, as well as the International Pasteur Institutes network, is also a special priority.

MVRG attained the title of “Molecular Malaria National Reference Laboratory" by establishing a quality management system according to the standard 15189ISIRI-ISO by the Health Reference Laboratory. MVRG has been able to provide specialized and professional services to all relevant units in the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, as well as international organizations such as the WHO for the control, research and training of vector-borne diseases by compliance with international standards and upgrading and updating the current techniques.

Prof. Navid Dinparast Djadid

Prof. Sedigheh Zakeri

Dr. Akram Abouie Mehrizi

Dr. Abbasali Raz

Dr. Sakineh Pirahmadi

Dr. Leila Nourani


Phone: +982164112464

Fax: +982166480749




Malaria Vaccine Research Laboratory

Molecular Laboratory of Plasmodium Parasite & Drug Resistance Monitoring

Molecular laboratory of Vectors & Monitoring of Insecticide Resistance

Laboratory of Anopheles’ Interaction with Parasite & Mosquito

Laboratory for the Study of Natural Products of Vectors and Arthropods & the Production of Natural a

National Insectarium (Center for Research, Development and Training of Vector-borne Diseases)

National Malaria Molecular Reference Laboratory

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