Strategies, capabilities and activities
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Services available at Biotechnology Research Center (BRC)

1: Isoelectric focusing (IEF)

2: Two-dimensional electrophoresis (2DE)

3: Prepare a peptide mapping of protein

4: Analysis of amino acids

5: Capillary electrophoresis

6: Circular Dichroism to determine the secondary structure of proteins

7: Purification and identification of recombinant proteins

8: Separation, purification and identification of proteins in natural resources

9: Proteomics research on cellular, tissue, plasma samples and other physiological fluids

10: Conducting molecular genetic testing

11: Holding bioinformatics workshops

12: Holding the workshop on molecular diagnostic methods for diseases

13: Holding internships for teaching molecular methods

14: Carrying out Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics related projects

15: Industry services in relation to quality control of pharmaceutical and biological materials

16: Holding RT-PCR and Real-time PCR workshops

17: Set up and conducting the relevant tests to check the expression of the desired proteins

18: Provision of strains

19: Provision of laboratory services such as examining the antifungal effects of a drug or a potential product by standard methods

20: Examination of the purity and determination of the amount of a drug

21: Carrying out a complete project or part of a project related to drug discovery

22: Drug analysis and bioinformatics

23: Production of recombinant proteins

24: Staff training

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