Strategies, capabilities and activities
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The main activities of the Medical Biotechnology Department include: using recombinant DNA techniques and other new molecular techniques to produce recombinant products, diagnostic kits and discovering new drugs against infectious and non-infectious diseases. Furthermore, new technologies such as proteomics and transcriptomics are very crucial in these activities.

2. Dr. Noushin Davoudi

3. Prof. Soroush Sardari

4. Dr. Delavar Shahbazzadeh

5. Prof. Marjan Mohammadi

7. Dr. Hasan Mirzahoseini

8. Dr. Behrouz Vaziri

9. Dr. Kamran Pooshang Bagheri

10. Dr. Yeganeh Talebkhan Garoosi

11. Dr. Fatemeh Davami

12. Dr. Mohammad Azizi

13. Dr. Fatemeh Kazemi

14. Dr. Mahdi Behdani

15. Dr. Najmeh Zarei

16. Dr. Fatemeh Torkashvand

17. Dr. Leila Nematollahi


· Determination of biotechnology research priorities

· Conducting basic and applied research in biotechnology

· Research on new methods of biotechnology and their application

· Continuous cooperation and communication with similar scientific institutes and centers

· Empowering the structure of human resources by accepting young, active and creative students and researchers

· Technology transfer

· Holding national and international workshops and seminars

· Creating a platform to improve the liaison between industry and academia in biotechnology-related areas


Phone: +982164112470

Fax: +982164112474



Fungi Biotechnology Research Unit

Leishmania Research Unit (Dr. Noshin Davoudi)

Drug Design & Bioinformatics Group (Prof. Soroush Sardari)

Venum Unit (Dr. Delavar Shahbazadeh)

Helicobacter Pylori Research Unit (Prof. Marjan Mohammadi)

Recombinant Research Unit

Bacteria Research Unit (Dr. Hasan Mirzahoseini)

Protein Chemistry Research Unit (Dr. Behroz Vaziri)

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