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The Medical Biotechnology Group > Leishmania Research Unit (Dr. Noshin Davoudi)

The research in this group is based on three areas:

A) Research to find a live leishmaniasis vaccine:

Given the need to find the right vaccine for cutaneous leishmaniasis, and considering the fact that no non-living vaccine has ever been able to provide complete immunity, we believe that targeting some parasite genes and their elimination may result in a new strain of the parasite; at the same time that its severity diminishes, it is also able to create immunity.

B) Research to find a new drug combination in order to control leishmaniasis:

Due to the side effects of existing drugs against this disease and the observation of parasite resistance to drugs, there is a great need to find new drugs. Our country, with its diverse and rich flora, can be a good source for finding herbal medicine compounds. Thus, research on medicinal plants is looking for a new type of medicinal compound.

C) Production of recombinant proteins using non-pathogenic host leishmaniasis parasite:

At present, non-pathogenic leishmaniasis is known to be a suitable host for eukaryotes in the production of recombinant proteins. The research team has been able to clone various proteins, including human HINF-g interferon gamma, H-PA tissue plasminogen activator hormone, and its truncated form, rK2s, in the specific vector of Leishmania, and obtained a good expression of these drugs after inserting the structure into the non-pathogenic parasite.

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