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The Molecular Medicine department was established in 2008 after its separation from Biotechnology department to have independent activities in different fields. This center has three subdivisions including Genome & human genetic disorders lab, Cellular-Molecular Therapy lab and PND (pre-natal diagnosis).

The PND lab as a National Reference lab is mainly focused on PND of Thalassemia, Hemoglobinopathies and DMD. The Cellular-Molecular Therapy lab do some research on cell therapies and molecular therapies for various kinds of genetic disorders such as immunodeficiency diseases, hemophilia and PKU, and cancer biomarkers especially, breast, lung, prostate, colon and leukemia. The Genome & human genetic disorders lab perform NGS studies such as exom sequencing analysis on different genetic disorders.


The PND lab activities:


1- The PND section of Genetic lab was active since 1994 in Biotechnology department. From the time of establishment of Molecular Medicine Center as an independent department the PND section initiate its role in acceptance of Thalassemia carriers families and perform the essential diagnostic test on them. Furthermore, This section has a main key role in training of laboratory experts from other genetic laboratories and transferring the technology of PND. Moreover, the members of this section have some activities in periodic visit of other laboratories undrer  supervision of Disease Management Center.


2- Developing Standards and Extend Quality Assesment Programms (EQA). This center had some projects on preparation of immortal cells in different dieases including Thalassemia and PKU. Also, it acts out to perform EQA progframms with coordination of Ministery of Health in order to examine the function of leboratoris member of PND. The faculty members of this department with cooperation of the Center of Disease Management proceed to prepare National Guidelines for PND, Hemophilia, DMD, PKU and other dieases.


The List of the Faculty Members of Molecular Medicine Center & their Fields of Interest:


Prof. Reza Mahdian ( The Head of the department): Cancer genetics, Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prognosis, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Immunodeficiency disoreders


Prof. Siros Zeinali: Medical Genetics, Population Genetics, Forensic Genetics, Prenatal Diagnosis


Dr. Morteza karimipoor: Gene therapy of Thalassemia and Hemophilia, Genome Editing, Cancer biomarkers investigation


Dr. Ladan Teimori: Designing peptides, Targeted Therapy, Colon Cancer, Resistance mechanism, Gene Therapy


Dr. Mohammad Hamid: Chronic Myloid leukemia, NGS and minisequencing of multifactorial and polygenic diseases.


Dr. Esmat Mirabzadeh Ardakani: Laboratory Animals, Animal Models, Ethics in Medical Science


Dr. Hamzeh Rahimi: Protein Engineering, NGS Analysis, Exom Sequencing, RNA sequencing


Dr. Elham Davoodi: Thalassemia, Genetic Consulting, PND


Dr. Masoomeh Azizi: Breast Cancer, microRNA, Epigenetics, Biomarkers for early Diagnosis



Phone: +982164112400

Fax: +982166480780






Molecular Genetic of disease (Prof. Sirous Zienali & Prof. Reza Mahdian)

Gene Therapy And Cell Therapy (Dr. Morteza Karimipour & Prof. Sirous Zienali)

Molecular Oncology (Dr. Morteza Karimipour & Prof. Reza Mahdian)

Mammalian Genetic (Dr. Esmat Mirabzadeh)

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