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1-When the PASTEUR INSTITUDE of IRAN(PII) was founded?

Pasteur institude of Iran  was founded in 1920.

2-When the Biotechnology Research Center of  Pasteur institude(BRC) was founded?

It was founded in 1997.

3-Is it possible for the students of other centers and univercities to compelete their dissertation in BRC?

Yes.its free for the students of public univercities but students of non-profit high education institution  have to pay fee.

4-Is it possible to submitt a joint dissertation with BRC?


5-Is it possible to do a part of industrial research in BRC?


6-Does the Biotechnology research center of Pasteur institue provide research services?

This center does this in return of fee

7-Is it possible to take scientific-industrial advices from the professors of BRC?

It is possible for research centers،factories،medical laboratories and...

8-Is there an option to invest in establishing an entity business?

Yes there is.

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