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Biotechnology Department was established in 1993, with the goal of initiating biotechnology related research at Pasteur Institute of Iran. In 1997,the department was officially entitled Biotechnology Research Center (BRC). Since then, BRC has rapidly grown with regards to research activities, number of researchers as well as facilities. As a consequence of this expansion, BRC has become the largest center in the Pasteur  Institute of Iran. BRC has been chosen as the focal point of  the national network of Molecular Medicine, the national network of Medical Biotechnology and the international network of  EMGEN. The national DNA and vector deposit (bank) and the national reference center for prenatal diagnosis are also incorporated into the BRC.
BRC is headed by Prof.Soroush Sardari and composed of three Groups: 1: Medical Biotechnology Group ( Director: Dr. Ahmad Adeli) 2: Molecular Medicine Group (Director: Prof. Reza Mahdian) 3: Malaria & Vector Research Group (Director: Dr. Akram Abouie Mehrizi)

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