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Molecular analysis of ABCA4 gene in an Iranian cohort with Stargardt disease

Human IL-2Ralpha subunit binding modulation of IL-2 through a decline in electrostatic interactions: A computational and experimental approach

Human IL-2Rɑ subunit binding modulation of IL-2 through a decline in electrostatic interactions: A computational and experimental approach

Recalcitrant Cutaneous Warts in a Family with Inherited ICOS Deficiency

The Epigenetic Modification of SLC5A8 in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and Its Effects on Clinic-Pathological Features

Inhibitory Effect of miRNA-145 on PD-L1 Expression in Breast Cancer Cell Line

Optimization of expression yield in a stable cell line expressing a novel mutated chimeric tissue plasminogen activator (mt-PA)

Bi-allelic variants in OGDHL cause a neurodevelopmental spectrum disease featuring epilepsy, hearing loss, visual impairment, and ataxia

Homozygous MEFV Gene Variant and Pyrin-Associated Autoinflammation with Neutrophilic Dermatosis: A Family with a Novel Autosomal Recessive Mode of Inheritance

The Spectrum of Pathogenic Variants in Iranian Families with Hemophilia A

Quantitative evaluation of PpSP15-LmSTI1 fusion gene expression following transfection with an alphavirus-derived self-amplifying mRNA and conventional DNA vaccine platforms

A de novo TINF2, R282C Mutation in a Case of Dyskeratosis Congenital Founded by Next-Generation Sequencing

Delivery of dCas9 Activator System Using Magnetic Nanoparticles Technology as a Vector Delivery Method for Human Skin Fibroblast

Positive effect of acellular amniotic membrane dressing with immobilized growth factors in skin wound healing

A novel de novo canonical splice site mutation in the PTCH1 gene in a male patient with mild psychomotor retardation and autistic traits: a case report

Harnessing polyphenol power by targeting eNOS for vascular diseases

Multiplex Snapshot Minisequencing for the Detection of Common PAH Gene Mutations in Iranian Patients with Phenylketonuria

Overexpression of miR-32 in Chinese hamster ovary cells increases production of Fc-fusion protein

Frequency and prognostic influence of ASXL1 mutations and its potential association with BCR-ABL1 transcript type and smoke in chronic myeloid leukemia patients

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The Molecular Medicine Group > Gene Therapy And Cell Therapy (Dr. Morteza Karimipour & Prof. Sirous Zienali)

Due to the high prevalence of major thalassemia in Iran, one of the main activities of the Molecular Medicine Department is to use new genetic methods in the treatment of this disease. Currently, beta thalassemia gene therapy research projects are being carried out using the same recombination methods and viral vectors.

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